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A pandemic with the power to halt the global economy has definitively changed how we live. In the span of a few months, we have adapted to distance learning, work-from-home Zoom meetings, and ordering curbside pickup from our phones. We watch more Netflix than ever and even stream church services and weddings. And meeting our doctors online for virtual appointments is a reality.

To manage our way through these times, we’ve adapted. All of us. Whether we Google, ask Alexa or give Siri a shout, searching for and finding what we need online is now second nature. For all of us. Now, more than ever, your patients will look for you online, but will they find you?

illume digital will help them find you.


We value hard work + integrity + collaboration. Our hope is that our clients come to see us as an extension of their team, where your goals become ours and we don’t succeed until you do.

strategy + planning

First thing first, we’ll listen and learn. It’s only by understanding your goals that any strategy will be a success. Armed with a straightforward plan designed for results, we’ll get to work.


You’ve already got the beginnings of the digital platform you need to nurture, engage and acquire patients—your website. Whether through campaigns, optimization, or content, we’ll build your online presence with your site as the linchpin.

content + creative

It takes a lot to break through the noise and capture someone’s screen time. We’ll create compelling and captivating content to resonate with your audiences and drive interest and engagement.

analytics + optimization

Reporting traffic and demographics is a good start. We’ll dive deep and slice the data with nuance and expertise. We’ll optimize for maximum conversions and glean insights into your audience for smarter decision-making.

Let’s make your
digital marketing shine.

Need help making your digital marketing shine?


We are a boutique digital marketing firm helping our clients connect with their prospects and customers. Based in the Twin Cities, we serve clients throughout Minnesota.


When creativity and analytics come together, the result equals impact. Our four-part blueprint gets us there.

1. strategy + planning
2. platform
3. content + creative
4. analytics + optimization

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